Save A Life Ministries

Changing Futures, Regardless of the Past.

Save A Life Ministries is dedicated to offering services for Southwest Missouri community members in need of a second chance. Through your charitable donations, we provide counseling services, necessities and educational assistance to unwed teen moms. 

Our goal is to establish a sober living facility for men in Springfield, Missouri and a home for teen moms and their babies in Ozark, Missouri. We believe that with proper education, every person has the ability to change their future, regardless of their past. Through a work-study program, Save A Life rebuilds the whole person, mind, body and spirit. Re-purpose stores will provide partial funding for the living facilities as well as an outlet where program members can learn new job and independent living skills.

Learn more about the re-purpose store, Summer's Cottage in Ozark.

Find out more about Mandy's House and how you can help unwed teen mothers in Ozark.

Discover planned ministries through Save A Life Ministries and what you can do to make these ministries a reality.